GM Diet plans

GM Diet means General Motors Diet that works on the principle of reducing calorie intake for a week for achieving quick weight loss.

This diet pattern helps in burning fat and stimulating weight loss each day.

The GM Diet helps to get rid of toxins and impurities out of the body and improves your digestion and ability to burn fat.


Here are the ways to follow the GM Diet

Day 1:

  • eat only fruits except banana during each meal.

Day 2:

  • consume vegetables in either raw or cooked form. Keep potatoes only for breakfast

Day 3:

  • eat both fruits and vegetables except banana and potatoes

Day 4:

  • eat only milk and banana for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Day 5:

  • eat meat. around 300gm of chicken or fish. You can have tomatoes along with meat.
  • Vegetarians can replace meat with cottage cheese
  • Increase your water intake by 2 glass than the normal on this day to flush out uric acid

Day 6:

  • eat 300gm of meat and unlimited amount of vegetables, barring potatoes.
  • vegetarians can have brown rice or cottage cheese.
  • Increase your water intake by 2 glass than your normal to flush out extra uric acid

Day 7:

  • consume brown rice, fruits, vegetables and fruit juice

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