Elegance in Cotton Saree

Indian culture is embedded with rich cultural heritage and we are deeply rooted to our ethical values. Different parts of the country have varied cultures and dresses. But the saree is worn in almost all the parts of the country. Indian clothing and Indian sarees are world famous for its work and traditional values. We have several types of sarees like silk, bandhani,benarasi, kanjivaram chiffon etc. Out of all these cotton handloom sarees provide us with distinct varieties with unique craze.

There are several types of cotton sarees like Tant, Jamdani Baluchari. They are very light and comfortable to wear and their border exhibit varieties of delicate work. They can include silk work, thread work. Their designs include floral design, architectural designs, peacocks and many more attractions.

Right from the Indus Valley Civilization, to the Kalingas and Chola Dynasty; cotton sarees have been traced. Since Independence and khadi days, cotton sarees have been torchbearer of our desi culture.

It gives a lavish look to the body of a woman. Due to its rich texture and insulating qualities, it is easy to manufacture and can be wore anytime anywhere. Even if its south India, or Eastern Bengali sarees, cotton fabric is the most preferred one. Even in the harsh winter months or bad summer, cotton clothing proves to be the most effective. It can be worn by female of any ages. They are suitable for office wear, administrative wear and everyday wear and party wear as well.

The cotton sarees are most versatile and gives you a graceful looks. Simple but can be looked upon to get a replica; cotton sarees are good for any skin and any weather.

Since India is a hub of cotton production, the cotton sarees are easy to buy and comparatively cheap too. Cotton sarees are solace to all the sarees and gives water ingestion, light weight and sturdiness to the body. You can even blend any other fabric in cotton very easily. This will give an elegant look to the body.



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