Lipsticks according to your zodiac sign

Get through your horoscope of 2020 and know your predictions and career.

We have selected few lipsticks that are suited perfectly.

  1. Aries
  • amazing L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte lipstick
  • in 205 orange power
  • gives you a feeling of fearless and enthusiastic
  • nothing can suit an Aries better than this punchy touch


  1. Tauras
  • brilliant L’Oreal Rouge Signature Matte liquid lipstick
  • as Tauras takes in more time to attract, this is the key
  • ideal with its feather light texture and natural finish

  1. Gemini
  • beautiful Palladio Beauty Ombre 2-In-1 Lip Color
  • best part is its orange +pink
  • gives a dual character according to your sunshine

  1. Cancer
  • different Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Iridescent Liquid Lip Topper
  • cancerians are emotional with their ever-changing moods, thus this lipstick will prove brilliant hues
  • gives a brilliant bright shimmers

  1. Leo
  • excellent Maybelline Sensational Liquid Matte Lipstick Flush It Red
  • Leo have warmth and passion, this lipstick will prove to be best suited one
  • has amazing high pigmented formula and soft focus effect

Shikha Aakash

Shikha is an decorated Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience in the tech industry. She is also a part-time IAS aspirant trying fighting to fulfill her dreams. Her preparation efforts make her a keen observer and a clear thinker. She uses her columns usually to express her opinions about her observations of the world and raises important questions.

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