E-Cigarette health issues

Smokeless tobacco in water pipe which have gained popularity in late 90s are known as e-Cigarette. They are also known as e-cigs, vapor cigarettes. They have cartridges which are filled with nicotine and other chemicals into it and when they are heated, steam and vapor is inhaled.

The Indian government has banned the e-Cigarette  production, import, sale, storage and use due to its several health impacts.

Here are few negative impacts on your health if you are using e-Cigarettes.

  1. It may results in sever lung diseases like Cough, trouble breathing or chest pain.


  1. It can also cause Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.


  1. It can also cause fatigue, fever or weight loss.


  1. It contains liquid polypropylene glycol or glycerol which creates an aerosol that vapers then inhale. This inhaling of chemicals destructs the respiratory and circulatory system.


  1. Aldehydes, Terpenes, heavy metals and silicate particles present in it affects the circulatory and immune system.


  1. Its heavy use in the country has impacted the market hugely and are resulting into the black marketing of tobacco and its products.


  1. It directly affects the nervous system and results in brain failure.


  1. Using nicotine present in it can harm the impulse system and may result in loss of attention and mood swings.


  1. Skilled learners lose their connection and brain cells stop working.


  1. Defective e-cigarettes can also be harmful as it can cause fires and explosions which may result in serious injuries.


  1. It may impact the skin and may lead to dark spots.


  1. It may stop the insulin formation hormones and may risk the diabetic patients.

Shikha Aakash

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