Benefits of Idli and Dosa

Idli and Dosa have been the staple food of entire south India since ages. They are made up of rice and lentils. In fact Idli has been recognized as the most nutritious food by WHO.

They are eaten with sambar, chutney and with several toppings. You can have idli and dosa anytime; be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Today I will pull out few benefits of Idli and Dosa for you.

  1. They are rich in carbohydrate, proteins, enzymes, fats, amino acids and fibers.


  1. They o not contain any saturated fats and cholesterol.


  1. They are heavy and can keep your stomach full for almost 4-5hours.


  1. You can get around 300-350 calories with 4 idlis/ 2 dosa.


  1. They chutney or sambar with which it is served contains vitamin C.


  1. It can be digested well and it is rich in iron content.


  1. The batter used to cook idli and dosa is fermented, which helps in building immunity and maintaining the pH balance of the body.


  1. It normalizes the blood sugar level and blood pressure level and increases the energy level.


  1. Since they are freshly prepared, they help in gaining all the nutrition required for the body.


  1. Masala Dosa in which veggies are put inside, helps in gaining fibers in the body.


  1. They coconut used along with the preparation is also nutritional and solublizes the fat intake in the body.


  1. It is a healthy choice to overcome obesity.

Shikha Aakash

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