Top 5 sports car in the world

Sports cars are known for their excellent speed.

Hold your butt!! Here are these five exotic super cars that are one of the best creations of man on this planet.

  1. Porsche Boxter-2019
  • outstanding handling with powerful energetic engine
  • posh interior and exterior
  • luxury standout
  • delivers smooth ride
  • GTS trim with 15 hp engine
  • overall score card rating= 9.0



  1. Mercedes-Bez GT
  • powerful engine
  • thrilling handling with awesome cabin
  • voracious lineup engines
  • four door coupe model
  • engines are hand-built, twin-turbocharged V8s with hp ranging from 429 to 630
  • overall score card rating= 8.8

  1. BMW 8-Series
  • classy interior and exterior
  • powerful engine to provide smooth ride
  • four door coupe model
  • plenty of power and dynamic engine
  • overall score card rating= 8.5

  1. Chevrolet Corvette
  • tremendous performance engine
  • excellent interior and exterior
  • ZR1 trim reintroduced to lineup
  • large trunk and comfortable seats
  • 755-hp engine
  • overall score card rating=8.8

  1. Toyota Supra 2020
  • agile handling technology
  • powerful 6-cylinder engine
  • polished transmission
  • good for fuel economy
  • excellent driving on streets and highways
  • superb interior and exterior
  • overall score card rating=8.7





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