Happy National Lipstick Day 2020!!

Today, July 29th we are celebrating National Lipstick Day 😊

Lipstick has been an array of item since ages and has been an important part of our makeup items. Lipsticks are made from gemstones to crushed bags.

National Lipstick Day is a super fun of celebration for all those ladies whose makeup is incomplete without lipstick.

Its history is preveant since 16th century when Queen Elizabeth used to steal the corner with her extreme white skin and hyper-crimson lips. First long lasting and no smear lipsticks got invented during WWII. By 20th century, lipsticks evolved with number of shades and now it has become a style statement.

Today you can get a huge discount on Lipsticks. Here are some top discounts offers for this National Lipstick Day celebration:


  1. M.A.C

Get 30% off on Lustre Lipstick. Plus if you are spending over 30$, you will get a free lipstick worth 19$

  1. Sephora

Deep discount of 50% on Sephora collections

  1. Huda Beauty

Buy One Get One free sale on all the lipsticks, lip balm and lip sets

  1. Lakme

Get Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lip Color in just 500 INR

  1. L’Oreal Paris

Get a cherry Red lipstick in just 650


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