Dengue is a mosquito-borne tropical diseases caused by dengue virus. It is one of the dangerous viral diseases that get spread very easily.

Here are few important points to note about dengue-

  1. This starts with a 3-14 days fever.


  1. The fever is very painful.


  1. Around 400 million dengue infections have occurred worldwide.


  1. Risky areas of the world are
  2. Indian Subcontinent
  3. South East Asia
  4. Southern China
  5. Taiwan
  6. Pacific Islands
  7. The Caribbean
  8. Mexico
  9. Africa
  10. Central and South America


  1. Virus of dengue is spread by Aedes Mosquitoes.


  1. Symptoms of dengue include dengue shock syndrome, high fever which requires hospitalization, aching muscles and joints, body rashes, intense headache, pain behind eyes, vomiting and feeling nauseous.


  1. Hemorrhagic fever in dengue results in bleeding from mouth, gums and nose clammy skin, damage to lymph and blood vessels, internal bleeding, lower no. of platelets, sensitive stomach, small blood spots under the skin and weak pulse.


  1. There is no specific vaccination and treatment to cure.


  1. Painkiller such as Tylenol or Paracetamol is given to ease the pain.


  1. Rehydration salts are also suggested.


  1. A dengue patient needs appropriate rest, acetaminophen and should drink plenty of fluids.


  1. Dengue is also known as break bone fever and prevention and cleanliness is a must requirement.

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