Women!! Do not forget to take care of your skin in your 30’s

With the growing age, not only our body takes a toll, even our skin has showing a sign of ageing. This needs proper control and care to look younger and beautiful.

At this age you should establish a proper skin care routine which should include from hydrating to moisturizing.

Today I will give you few tips on how to take care of your skin:

  1. Use appropriate Face cleanser

Your face wash should effectively clean your skin without stripping it off. Do remember if the skin feel tighten after washing, probably your cleanser is too hard for it.


2. Do invest in serums

Serums have higher concentration of ingredients and has molecules that penetrates deeply in the skin. It heels the molecules of the skin and gives a proper glow.

3. Apply hydrating toner to keep you moisturized

Toners have ability to tighten the pores, eliminates the toxins and rebalance the skin. The more hydrating the toner is, the more your skin looks glowing.

4. Use proper night cream

Night creams regenerates the skin and makes it more effective.

5. Do not forget you to take care of eyes

Skin around your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body and thus can show a sign of ageing very easily. Do apply an eye cream and try to massage the eye skin softly. This will reduce the impact of wrinkles.

6.  Never skip sunscreen

Even a little of sunray is harmful for your skin. So do apply sunscreen with proper pH according to your skin tone.